Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t leave the survival of your business to chance

If you’re in business long enough, bad things will happen — it’s just a matter of time. Maybe there is a fire, extreme weather, or even an angry ex-employee bent on revenge. Disasters like these have their own severe consequences, but the worst damage comes from the loss of your data. Without company documents, customer data, or financial records, your organization can’t operate at full capacity, and the lost productivity could prove fatal to your business. But Jersey IT Group has a solution.

Jersey IT Group provides fast, reliable data backups and disaster recovery planning that prepare you for any unforeseen catastrophe. Our solutions store up-to-date copies of all your vital data securely off site, and our recovery tools and procedures swiftly restore everything to the way it was before a disaster. We ensure your mission-critical data is always available so that your business doesn’t miss a beat when something goes wrong.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions from Jersey IT Group enable you to:

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