Security Awareness Training

The human element poses the largest risk to your organization — training is the only way to neutralize it

Regardless of the advanced cyber defenses that businesses employ, the vast majority of successful cyberattacks walk right through the front door because of human error. Those with little, incorrect or outdated knowledge of cybersecurity open the wrong email, visit websites they shouldn’t, get tricked into giving up their passwords, and make many more avoidable mistakes that lead to data breaches. No software can stop a human from exposing their network 100% of the time, so they must be trained on how to avoid making errors in the first place.

Jersey IT Group can train your workforce to spot red flags and respond accordingly. Our experienced cybersecurity team will provide a diverse and entertaining training curriculum, including how to identify if an email is suspect, or if the person they are communicating with is not who they say they are. We’ll make your organization more knowledgeable and vigilant, so you can work without fear of falling prey to a tech support scam, hidden malware, or any other social engineering attack.

Security awareness training from Jersey IT Group teaches your workforce:

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